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Legacy review from 9/14/2011

Andina is a large, very busy restaurant that serves South American food from the west side of the continent. There’s a bar at one end, and, in a narrow strip wedged between the women’s room, the kitchen, the bar, and a balcony, the band performs. Up to four people can fit there, provided their equipment is not very big. The food is good, and they feed you off the menu up to a certain price in a very regimented, short break. Try to enjoy as you eat very quickly. Try to snag the bartender as quickly as you can. They’ll give you a few drinks, but it’s very busy, so you’ll have to be aggressive. The booking agent is named Jels. He also works pretty hard in the kitchen, I believe he is also general manager. Parking can be a little bit of a challenge in this neighborhood; factor in some time to find a spot.

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