Arrivederci Wine Bar


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TheBandLeader 1 Reviews
Legacy review from 3/31/2012

Absolutely one of my favorite places to perform. It’s not huge pay, but it is fair, and the owners treat musicians with respect. The crowd is always fun and attentive; it is well worth squeezing your gear through the front door. Also I have cringed many times when the owner or agent asks to sit in (what are you gonna do, say no?). But Steve plays a mean sax! Always brings the energy up in the room. This club has a working model that breeds longevity and loyal patronage. Good food, music, service, etc. Other club owners could learn much from Steve.

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Pedaltone 12 Reviews
Legacy review from 9/20/2011

Owner/Booker Steve also runs the travel agency a few doors down. A saxophonist himself, not only does he hire good acts and treat them reasonably well, he will occasionally sit in, and sounds good!

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