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3 Reviews for Edgefield Winery

NoahPeterson 6 Reviews
Legacy review from 2/12/2013

Better be in Lisa Lapine’s pocket or you’ll never play here. And you’ll have to give her a chunk of your pay. And talent and draw have nothing to do with who plays here and who doesn’t.

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Pedaltone 12 Reviews
Legacy review from 09/21/2011

Pays decent. They tend to choose bands that seem sophisticated and sound wallpapery. Many pay Lisa Lapine’s ‘consultation’ (gatekeeper) fees for ‘career development,’ as well as play her summer parties for free- for a chance at the McM’s gigs. I have heard mixed reviews of her consultations – some said they thought she was great, others thought otherwise. If you’re thinking of a consultation just for the sake of a better shot at an Edgefield gig, please first, A) check her roster of artists to see if you recognize any of them, and B) Consider calling the guy who books the White Eagle, and playing there, first. Although the White Eagle is one of (if not the) last McM’s properties that tends to pay poorly, the booking guy there is reportedly on the level and also books the Edgefield and other decent-paying McM venues like Boone’s Treasury. It’s still a hoop, but it’s a cheaper one.

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donsolo 4 Reviews
Legacy review from 7/9/2015

Have been playing here for a number of years now on Monday night’s in the winery. Good crowd always. And return out-of-towners as well. Decent pay. Drinks provided. It is hot in the summer. They used to have outdoor shows in the summer by the little red shed, though these have stopped. We play quiet ambient things and full on rock. Depends on the guests we have.

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