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lutzbone 1 Reviews
Great for local hobbyists, not really for pros

I actually never ended up playing at Warrenbrook. I have played several other senior centers in Somerset County NJ, and this one is run by the same office. They pay $110 for a 1-hour solo set as of summer 2023. I joined AFM Local 16-248 which has jurisdiction over the county, and tried to apply for an MPTF grant for a performance at Warrenbrook. They refused to cooperate, and thus I was not able to apply for the grant. Their contribution would have been: completing a single W-9, cashing a check from MPTF, and adding those funds to my check. It would have more than doubled my pay. They also force you to sign a “speaking engagement” form that says you will not sell anything or try to promote yourself, which I guess is understandable. The last thing they need is con men coming in and preying on their seniors. But it’s a little harsh for a musician who would maybe like to sell a CD or two (especially if the seniors ask about it!). Especially since the pay is so low in the first place. Also there seems to be a lot of turnover in their staff, so my email threads with them tend to have several people involved. Paychecks take several weeks to arrive after the gig. Overall, the senior centers as physical venues are fine, the audience and the staff working in person there are lovely, and the pay is (barely) adequate for someone who lives around the corner. The staff at the county office have thus far been slow, disorganized, and not very helpful. It’s a great gig for maybe a local student, retiree, hobbyist, or someone who wants to do something nice for the elderly, in return for a bit of spending money. Especially if you enjoy playing music from 50-70 years ago. But they seem to be actively uninterested in those of us who are actually trying to make a living from music.

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